I Became a Homeless Criminal at Age 11 – RealLives

I Became a Homeless Criminal at Age 11 – RealLives
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Welcome to Reallives, where you can do all the stuff you don’t want to go to jail for.

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ABOUT: RealLives

RealLives is a gamified simulation that brings home the challenge of life in its many splendors and complexities.

In the simulation, you will test your mettle against the many unpredictable life conditions that occur in the course of a lifetime – from birth to death.

And in RealLives, you can play billions of such lives, in different cultures and nations on earth – without ever repeating any lifetime!

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Nguồn: https://lessismoresuccess.com/

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26 thoughts on “I Became a Homeless Criminal at Age 11 – RealLives

  1. Welcome to RealLives, the game where you get to ruin someone else's life instead of your own. It's so realistic that I felt every kick in the balls life hit me with.

  2. A tropical cyclone hitting the Czech Republic? Climate change can really do some crazy and amazing stuff

  3. "there's no boys that want me, but there is one thing that wants me…….WHIPWORM ITS BACK BABY"
    story of my life honestly


  5. It give you a wrong country! Is already Dominican Republic (my country) and say Czech Republic. So many money for begging! Let's begging!!

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