I Built a Hospital That Specializes in Ending Lives – Project Hospital

PRO HOSPITAL TIP: If you need to pass out, go ahead and aim for the floor. Don’t worry! Friendly personnel will be there to give you chest compressions for the …

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20 thoughts on “I Built a Hospital That Specializes in Ending Lives – Project Hospital

  1. so like there's other graystillplays people? i love the content but this title was literally grays title for another game

  2. Hey Josh I got a suggestion for you want a sandbox game where you can do anything you want play CKHN if it's right…. It's a game that you can make animals in sandbox trust me it's funny you can make snake hydras or a chicken alligator or a dog with mouths for a but or an abomination pls check it out it's fun

  3. theres a game that ive been playing for about a yr but is it possible for u to play Hotel Hideaway? id Love to see u there tho if u cant its fine. it was worth a try

  4. Man, you know how scary abandon hospitals are? Imagine this place abandoned. Running through endless mazes, coming across endless questionable building decisions, and the bodies of ALL the people.

  5. No one asks what happend to anthony i wouldn't be suprised if josh killed him or is keeping him hostage

  6. OMG! I just saw on this channel called memeulous, he's stealing your rollercoaster park series! He's copying you by making a rly bad park! Just thought you'd know 🙂

  7. That patient stole the dead guys bed right after he died because he's got a dead man's sheets fetish. Also witchcraft ambitions. Friggin weirdo!

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