I GOT A BALTO!!! | Dog Sled Saga

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39 thoughts on “I GOT A BALTO!!! | Dog Sled Saga

  1. to be honest Togo really saved the town.
    20 dog teams participated in a relay that one of them didnt even knew it was in a relay. 19 of them traveled about 31 miles Togo's team traveled 261 miles. yes Balto is the one that finished it but wow thats amazing! he died of old age… and acording to this website https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0112453/trivia "The real hero of the 1925 serum run was Togo. The twelve-year-old husky led his sled dog team through 260 miles of blowing Alaskan blizzard to deliver emergency diphtheria serum to Nome. Balto received most of the fame, because he led the final 55 miles." and it doesnt stop there! The movie says balto was a half dog half wolf hybrid but he really was actually a purebred Siberian Husky. Balto also never had pups like he had in the sequel because he was neutered when he was only a few months old.

    when i found this out i was fustrated. they decided on a relay to late when Togo and his team already headed off they never knew it was a relay! I found this out when i first watched Togo the movie and did a little research just now.

    welp now u know the truth!

  2. beside change harness colour you could change the dogs name

  3. Hey Choco the reason that your dogs aren't getting xp is because they aren't in the right order. You want a strong dog in the back, a steady dog in the middle, and an obedient dog in the front. This may be wrong. A steady dog might be a good leader. With all of the updates its hard to tell. That's just the general rule of thumb.

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