I hired viewers from Twitch Chat to make my game Everland (this is the result)

Reckful hired a bunch of random viewers from Twitch Chat to fulfill his dream of creating a game. This is the result. Twitch: …

Nguồn: https://lessismoresuccess.com/

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41 thoughts on “I hired viewers from Twitch Chat to make my game Everland (this is the result)

  1. As a random person who stumbled upon this. This looks really amazing!! Tbh I am hyped now for when it comes out

  2. +Reckful With it being a social game, it'd be rather interesting if you could tie discord communities into it with cross-platform chat and shared friendlists. As in you could seamlessly chat with designated discord server channels and friends from within Everland without the need to open discord; Sort of Discord Lite'ish. I feel this would significantly add to the the social aspect and even help draw in players by bridging and exposing various communities to one another. Not to mention it'd be great publicity, "the first game with built-in discord functionality".

  3. It is insane how much money he put into this game and it looks like a game you can recreate with a 10 dollar downloadable programm

  4. I am a music producer and I have ditched tracks like this sooooo many times looool If I think about it, it might have been usefull afterall xD Damn if you want any previews ask me @dynamic.dnb@gmail.com

  5. I'm actually really excited to play this on release. This seems like a great game to play with your friends and it's even better because it's going to be mostly the twitch community.

  6. This is pretty incredible, designing an interactive based MMO built for twitch streamers to interact with their audience.

  7. I watched the video then I exited youtube. 20 sec later my mind was like "hey the 1st song Reckful played was LEGIT" im fkn PUMPED for this Game

  8. You should add NPC doing task and if you walk up to them they will ask if you can help, you then get a reward or paid after.

    Maybe a fighting ring like super smash bros or brawhalla. Also can you add weapons and monsters.

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