IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix (PS2 Gameplay)

IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix (PS2) – Machines: Satomi vs. Satomi – Course: Dome

Players take control of Team Satomi to race and battle to become the best IGPX team in the world. With customizable IG Machines, team-based combination attacks, and a changing course that can be utilized to their advantage, players will experience a new type of racing thrill!

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45 thoughts on “IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix (PS2 Gameplay)

  1. If IGPX was involved as a nearly Battle damaged race mech with an exposed pilot inside it?

  2. God, I wish this show was popular. But those god damn concerned parents hated it because of the violence and the swearing.

  3. The execution is a little rough (the game is from 2006), but the idea behind an IGPX game is solid and if another developer would seize the concept – and tidy up the animation and controls – we could have an awesome new (pseudo-)sports title. Give me a video game where gundams had sex with race cars and had high-speed battlemech babies, dammit!

  4. IGPX was created by the same studio that created Ghost in the Shell which is among one of the most famous animes of all time.

  5. Look at Young Justice. Anime style, American company. Listed as a "cartoon" on many site including wikipedia

  6. So just because it was made in collaboration between Americans and Asians means that it wasn't a "true anime"? And I suppose The Animatrix and Batman Gotham Knight was the same too huh? Or heck even Big O Season 2. Cause yeah that "clearly" isn't an anime despite the fact Americans commissioned it.

    And here's a better question, does it even matter?

  7. Very underrated game. If I had known it'd turn out to be as fun as it is, I would've bought it the moment I originally watched the review on Toonami. 😀

    For anyone who's interested, I've recently started a playthrough of the game on my channel (I had put up the first part here as a video response, but then YouTube decided to remove that feature).

  8. You know I can seriously see this game revamped with online gaming where players can custom their mechs for racing. Seriously I think this is the future of racing gaming if they get a proper team behind.

  9. they should make a new game of this for the new systems. make it where you make your own character and join teams online and compeat.

  10. this is one of those games that i played and i had no fucking idea what i was doing so i just mashed the buttons lol

  11. This game would go good on 3DS,PS3 and VITA! all those consoles can handle it and they could upgrade the gameplay.

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