Isac Elliot – Waiting Game (Lyrics)

Hey guys, it’s me E.T. I’m back again…
I found this incredible artist called Isac Elliot and I took the chance to make some lyric videos of his songs.
I hope you enjoy them!!!

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More info on Isac Elliot:

Hey guys, it’s me E.T. I’m back again…
I’m just one of Germany’s 11.000.000 students living one of his passions by creating and sharing content on Youtube. My intention is not to create a certain amount of views…even though if I think about it, many views aren’t that bad 🙂 My intention is to share what I love with you guys, and let you be part of something bigger than all of us… the passion for life. If you want to be part of this awesome family, feel free to join the ExtraTerrestrial-team…

I upload videos in English, German and maybe Spanish in the future. I do Lifehacks, Hacks & Cheats, Quadcopter, Unboxings, Reviews, and more other world stuff…

If you still haven’t noticed it, E.T. means Extraterrestrial. The name E.T. became very popular and famous through Steven Spielberg’s identically named movie. It is a real classic and a must watch!!!

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