Japanese man's contagious laughter leaves whole room in hysterics

From Japanese tv show Gaki no Tsukai where they have to try and not laugh while a comedian does a few skits. In this section he just starts to erupt into genuine …

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37 thoughts on “Japanese man's contagious laughter leaves whole room in hysterics

  1. Man: Good morning
    Woman: Good morning
    M: its 28 July on Monday .Summer began by the way ,I celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary in 26 July.
    W: congratsration.
    M: We were busy on Saturday so we went out on Sunday.
    W: sounds great .with your wife ?
    M: With my wife and daughter.
    W: okay
    M: and then Our relation is getting more hotter and hotter !!

  2. 浜ちゃんが笑いながら「早よ帰れもう」って言うところで笑いがピークに達したw

  3. 笑いにつられて笑ってて草


  4. 中毒性あってたびたび見に来てしまう

    テープ、巻き戻す、キュルキュル音のコンボだけでやべえ( ^ω^ )

  5. 全然関係ないけど2:37一瞬古代文明の文字みたいに見えた。この左右反対にした文字が俺が長年求めてた外国人からみた日本語の印象なのかもしれない。

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