Klax: Atari Retro Arcade Puzzle Game – NOT MAME

This game is pretty interesting. As you can tell by the video this is the first time I played it. I didn’t realize til late in the video that the paddle started with a tile already on it…lol

As you can see I panicked in the end and really messed it up.

Nguồn: https://lessismoresuccess.com/

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18 thoughts on “Klax: Atari Retro Arcade Puzzle Game – NOT MAME

  1. I always loved the screams the tiles made whenever they’d fall to their doom. I always thought it was pretty funny.

    Well, that’s disturbing out of context.

  2. Boy, would I LOVE this game. It's a match 3 tetris game; right up my alley. Maybe they could release it to Ipad or PC

  3. Does anyone know the name of the game that is almost same as this one, but it's for a pc with better graphics and stuff?

  4. I love this game and play it on my computer with GENESIS PLUS and the KLAX ROM. My favorite thing to do is play WAVE 86 and only get Horizontals. 30. It is not easy but I can do it almost every time now with so much practice.

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