Lapse – A Forgotten Future ALL ENDINGS – The Good, The Bad and The Worst Endings

This game is essentially Reigns in the future.. and i LOVE IT! So once again, enjoy the fruits of my labour and enjoy all the endings!


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50 thoughts on “Lapse – A Forgotten Future ALL ENDINGS – The Good, The Bad and The Worst Endings

  1. Hello, just for those who are unaware, Lapse 2 is out and so is my video of it! Check it out if you guys wanna 🙂

  2. I got this active effect called "pandemic" and "open conflict" that always make my environment and military bar decreases and i can't get rid of it! Does anyone know how to work with it 🙁

  3. There is a fourth ending in wich the First Lady comes to you and kills you with the strange device

  4. That's funny becasue the game have 4 endings…
    I tell to my wife im a robot and she says yes. I ask her how do you know that and she sad im a robot too and i will stop you and she shot me😂

  5. But…there are 4 possible endings. One of them is when the First Lady discover my identity and she kills me…but I think no one would be so stupid to confess that he is a travel machine 😅

  6. Hey i think you forgot one of the endings, in which the first lady-cyborg asks you if you have to tell her anything about the investigation, when you say yes she kills you

  7. After Playing This Game…My Advice😕😕Never..Ever try to be a good husbend…I confessed the matter…The relationship between me and Kumyio…
    Thought she would be angry and turn nice for my honesty…But WTF man…She killed me…😫😫😫😯😯😥😥

  8. Oyun içinde 2 boyutlu olarak bir ülkeyi yönetiyorsunuz ama ülkenin ayakta kalabilmesi için, insanlık dışı ve fıtrata uygun olmayan şeyleri yapmanız, onaylanmanız gerekiyor. Bu oyunu ve buna benzer oyunları oynadıkça insan aslında normal olmayan şeyleri normal gibi algılamaya başlıyor. Bu tarz oyunları yapıyorlar, biz gençler de oynuyoruz ve insan fıtratıı bozuyorlar

  9. I played the bad ending in 2140 firstly and then i returned to 2075. The creator gave me a second chance for other endings and other character. Did everyone experience that?

  10. By the way Kenny was calling someone who was saying something to the 13 of us with the previous name, 2 people had something called card options in the crimson one, the other option also had someone else forget what was happening? (I'm Translation for Google Translation)

  11. wanna move on to lapse 2 but i'm stuck on these storyline goals: Cure, Dystopia, Deus ex machina, and Loop. can anyone help?

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