Left in the Arcade 6 – Game Sack

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26 thoughts on “Left in the Arcade 6 – Game Sack

  1. 0:53 Well this comment/comparison certainly hasn't aged well ever since the George Floyd incident last Memorial Day. 🙁

  2. Hey Joe on the second game u said there are some vehicles you can even ride and some of them are huge! (That's what she said) is what u should have said lol.

  3. Hey, Game Sack. You should try out Time Crisis 5 released only for the arcade. And don't forget Virtua Cop 3 also released in the arcades.

  4. Boa noite. Aqui no Brasil tínhamos muitos arcades, mas muito destes jogos informados, não chegaram aqui pra nossa tristeza. Thank you.

  5. This might be the first time ever I actually kinda feel like giving a sponsored product a shot thanks to Joe making everything enjoyable, even though these earbuds look super generic and I'm pretty sure they're decent at best for the half price.

  6. Violent Storm looks badass

    EDIT: And totally rips off Busted from Beverly Hills Cop 2 but that's okay

  7. Has D.D. Crew by Sega ever featured on this series? its a decent side scrolling beat em up, with excellent music.

  8. I love this game but the boss is called TokenTaker for a reason. This game eats quarters compared to Time Crisis and House of the dead.

  9. How about Bagman from the early 80s? As far as I know, it was never ported to a home console. There was a Bagman 2 on the arcade as well, but I thought it wasn't as fun.

  10. Carn-Evil. I've played that one, a Tuff combat game play with a lot of coins spent. Still looking forward for a another rematch.

  11. I but so much money into that violent storm back in the day.
    I never finished it.
    Some day violent storm some day

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