Let's Play FUEL Part 1 | LET'S GO!

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39 thoughts on “Let's Play FUEL Part 1 | LET'S GO!

  1. Well considering the game is on Xbox 360 and has the largest ever map I’d say the loading makes sense

  2. I remember this game on the xbox 360 for years i was trying to remember what the hell this game was dose this game still have mp.

  3. Hey i got this game a few days ago and i have a problem where if i start a game weather it will be FreeRoam/Race or Challenge when i spawn in i can`t see anything its all invisible so i can`t really play i play on PC and i have Windows 8.1 if any 1 can help please reply to this comment thanks 😀

  4. Do you have the problem with this game where when you start it you will go back to regular TV or no signal or whatever happens when you shut your Xbox off? It happens for about half a second.

  5. this game has the guinness world record on the biggest world in all games
    im NOT kidding!!!

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