Longplay of Scaler

Longplay of Scaler, played as the NTSC version on the GameCube. This game’s version was released on Nov. 17th, 2004. Please give the video a like! Timecodes are below:

0:00:33 – Opening
0:03:40 – Chimerum
0:25:49 – Bakuldo
0:54:41 – Boss: Iguana King
1:00:00 – Klonium
1:21:43 – Altus
1:42:49 – Boss: Looger’s Henchmen
1:49:41 – Desollem
2:21:07 – Koradus
2:41:29 – Boss: Giant Rattlecrab
2:47:59 – Medoozum
3:09:10 – Iridium
3:51:08 – Boss: Bootcamp’s Lair
3:56:59 – Voidrem
4:23:44 – Komoldo
4:49:45 – Final boss: Looger’s Stronghold
4:56:50 – Best ending
4:59:36 – Credits

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31 thoughts on “Longplay of Scaler

  1. Bit of a weird game of a kid getting electrocuted and surviving it and turning into a reptile. The game areas remind me a bit of the Tak 2/3 games, but they are slightly less linear.

    The areas aren't really open-world but they do have different pathways, all of which must be explored to collect the eggs, which are the main objective of the game. Each level also has 10 orbs hidden, which unlock concept art. Normally I wouldn't bother collecting these but you unlock the alternate ending by collecting all hundred of them, so I did.

    Every third level is a boss

    I find the game a lot more fun to look at than to play, as the very little health in this game causes many deaths and I noticed that the recorded run, aside from the practiced run, went a lot more fluently with less deaths and ofcourse less searching around.

    Controls just fine. Really the only downside is the little health and a radar showing all the orb locations would've been nice too, because they become pretty damn difficult to find later on.

  2. I vaguely remember a blue dragon/amphibian/reptile platformer character on the gamecube. But I only played it for couple hours tops, and i dont recognize this gameplay at all. I remember a lot of rail grinding in the game I played.

    Does anyone have any idea what game I might be remembering?

  3. Man I wish there was a way I can play this game again, soo many memories. Iridium was always my favorite level- idk why but that transformation has always been my favorite. I played this when I was 8-9 and now I’m 22 and I’d definitely would still enjoy playing it. Sucks that they don’t have it in the PlayStation store 😣

  4. That rock at 2:27:40 has a hidden green pod thing in it! :] I discovered it when my screen slipped through last time I played (on ps4) idk if the xbox would have it haha

  5. I really wish they would've toned down the "hip, witty" dialogue of the characters. The environments are so beautiful and creative, and I think the atmosphere they create is this game's strongest point. But hearing "You picked the wrong lizard to mess with!" after killing an enemy just destroys that atmosphere. And the cutscenes are especially cringeworthy in my opinion. I feel like the tone of the characters and the tone of the game world clash horribly, and I wish they would have just focused on giving us a beautiful foreign world to be immersed in, rather than try to seem "cool" by spouting out one-liners every few seconds.

  6. This game was my childhood. Now im 23 and have a working job in the world. Wish I was still t hat little kid every now and then though

  7. ayo thanks, just got massive nostalgia from a game i didn't know the name of til just now, played it on the ps2 a damn good while back

  8. I played this as a kid and still do now although when I do a marathon I alway’s get stuck at on rattlecrab and the turret section. To me the aim sensitivity is too slow but other than that good job at seeking this game out (you die a lot less than me) I guess I played to much crash bandicoot
    and Spyro in that era even know the ps2 Spyro games sucked

  9. Wow I remember being visually impressed with the game at the time of the ps2 but it's gameplay could never land like other titles like ratchet and Clank or Spyro. And something about seeing so many particle effects and hearing nonstop noise and clutter just becomes a sore. As for story or charaters nothing just resonated with me not just as a kid but much older.

  10. OH MY GOODNESS… This Game is the best but kind of underrated. I remember the intro and playing the crap out of the first level but never beating it :).

  11. Good ol days going through blockbuster looking for an eye catching video game with bright colors and fun looking pictures on the back

  12. I miss those days where videogames were colorful and weren't afraid to take wacky risks with their concepts.

  13. At first I thought its some kind of gamecube Spyro rip-off but then I found it to be a pretty nice game in its own. But god I do love Spyro

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