MBR vs GPT Which Should You Use?

MBR vs GPT! BIOS vs UEFI explained! Which hard drive partition type should you use?
Computer Tutorial #21

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26 thoughts on “MBR vs GPT Which Should You Use?

  1. my local drive which where my o.s is installed is MBR, i want to convert it to GPT,
    I tried it on windows installation by holding SHIFT+f10 then go cmd then disk, clean, convert GPT then it says that it was successful, but after re-installing windows 10, BUT WHEN I try to check it on my diskmanagement my local disc is mbr again,,

  2. MBR is an old partition type that can take max 4 partitions and only 2 TB size .
    GPT can take max 128 partitions an unlimited size .

  3. Say I want to clone my current boot drive which is MBR to a bigger drive, can formatting the bigger drive to GPT before cloning it work?

  4. Great video! Make more! I came for a simple answer and instead of getting my answer I actually learned something lol


  5. I was cursed with the same mind if you are like me you are involved with all things"writing code building cmp and everything under the sun I do chemistry science shop mentoring my own construction business. Cursed and you hit some familiar points. You are not a gamer I know what you're saying through video. Hope you took time to read. I am blown away. I was hoping I wasn't only one.👍

  6. Dude you are doing good but you could be BOSS. Seriously. Hope you realize your potential in time. Thanks for the video. I did enjoy it. A good coach makes people famous. Unfortunately I am not lucky so I help others. Really liked your video though it got closer to me than most

  7. Great video, thanks for the help. One questions: would it matter whether I used MBR or GPT for a 500Gb SSD which I'm using for additional data storage? Does SSD tech favor either partition format in some specific way?

  8. Thanks for the tutorial.
    What about using software like EaseUs Partition Master to convert from MBR to GPT?…. without data loss loss.

  9. Thank you. Was in explained in layman terms. I have C drive that's GPT and 2 other drives mbr. When I install a 4th drive can it be GPT or have to be MBR to match the other 2 drives?

  10. i understand this all, but what i not understand is…. why doesn't it allow me to install win7 on GPT??? is windows 7 only made for MBR??

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