Mercedes 250d (1992) Goes to Lidl

Learn Vital Statistics like:
0-60 up a hill
0-70 with a slight downhill bias, and more!
4th gear up hill from 30-50mph = 12 seconds
50mph-77mph downhill = 11 seconds
Car returns 44 mpg, Not great by todays standards, but back in 1990 when you were getting 26mpg average from a 2litre Cortina, pretty good.
The 5 cylinder engine is smooth and sounds good (as you can hear) It’s up there in the sound stakes with my old 525 TDS 6cylinder BMW, (tho obviously slower as no turbo), and way nicer sounding than my two Volvo 850’s which Volvo ran with Audi sourced 5 cylinder engines. They never sounded as balanced, but were strong and long legged 9well geared), and with 140 bhp on tap pull very well. Every home should have an 850 really, even if only to sit in and adjust the electric heated leather seats on a cold day.


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15 thoughts on “Mercedes 250d (1992) Goes to Lidl

  1. May I ask if your interior is still original manufacturer combo and type? I just rescued the only diesel w124 (250d 87) in my country. The interior is badly damaged and missing here and there.

  2. Bu model hala böyle kaliteli kaç araç markası vardır Mercedes Benz en iyisi bundan daha iyisi yok o bir yıldız bende w124 1990 250d kullanan birisi olarak söylüyorum yol tutuşu virajı rahatlığı inanılmaz çok keyifli imkanım olsa en yenisindende bı tane alırdım harika otomobiller

  3. Cold engine…you rev it up to 4000 rpm in the first 20 meters?!
    No more diesel in it…you´re just wondering that the engine isn´t runnnig well?!
    You know how to treat such a beautiful car………….

  4. This is a car for driving far and fully relaxed…one of the best Mercedes Benz's ever made…also the suspension of a W124 is awesome…

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