Michael Jackson's Moonwalker – Full Game – Part 1/3

Part 1/3 of Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker for the Genesis. I was gonna keep the Genesis music all the way through but I couldn’t resist, the real tracks are sooo …

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48 thoughts on “Michael Jackson's Moonwalker – Full Game – Part 1/3

  1. この頃のゲームでちゃんとしたまんまの曲を流せるってなんかすごいな

  2. I remember this game having actual MJ songs. Every level u beat gave u access to a song. There’s like a jukebox mode in menu

  3. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?, do u listen the Michel audio, when him talk about pedophilia?, so, in this game, Michel save childrens cryyy of that bar

  4. This fucced up i dnt remember this game i woulda been on dis hoe live real talk bout to make me go buy a fuccin sega just so i can play it

  5. I never finished this back in the day. Think I got to the zombie level and then I got stuck or something can’t remember what

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