Midnight Castle Succubus – ALL BOSSES 【No Damage, (¬‿¬)】

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I wanna keep this one as tame as possible.

Honestly though? this is a great little game, which made me wonder through the whole playthrough how can such a tiny H game be so polished and entertaining compared to so many indies out there?

I can only say that I wish all developers were as passionate about their projects as this one.

The bosses aren’t anything special, but feel free to play it yourself for “research”. 🙂

—————————————— Timestamps ——————————————-

00:00 – Statuette
00:32 – Jellyla
01:52 – Harpy Sisters
03:06 – Centaurina
03:47 – Water Lily Siren
04:28 – Muda Muda
05:07 – Succublet
06:49 – Succubus
08:55 – Arielle
10:08 – Firnanda
11:13 – Bouncelot
12:41 – Chillina
13:51 – Spoocutey
15:41 – Your regret clicking on this video




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