Official First Look at 'Enlisted' – The Free World War 2 MMO Shooter

From the creators of War Thunder, comes a new FPS War Shooter Game with up to 150 players online. ‘Enlisted’ gives you the ability to command your own squad with some awesome little twists! From it’s free trial that you can see in the video, it looks pretty promising, and even has vehicles!
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47 thoughts on “Official First Look at 'Enlisted' – The Free World War 2 MMO Shooter

  1. Enlisted is finally back from the dead, after a year of disappearance! What do you all think of it?

  2. Would be nice to know if you can man Anti-tank guns and large flak guns like the 88mm. Player manned artilery would be interesting.

  3. Can someone tell me where can i get this game, cuz i dont find it on steam, epic n uplay

  4. I’ve been waiting for a multiplayer game like this since brothers in arms road to hill 30… I can’t wait.

  5. Im liking the whole idea of shooters being more realistic, like 1 to 2 shot kills instead of 6 rounds an finally a kill.

  6. As much as i like the idea of controlling a squad of AI teammates, im not looking forward when the AI kills itself and causing you to lose your only lives and leaving you on a 60 second respawn screen

  7. As someone who played the recent playtest I have to say, it has A LOT to work on. The team AI is god awful, like RO2 levels of bad and when your life per respawn relies on these AI surviving it doesn't work well. The aiming is floaty right now and it being f2p with squads and tanks is not a good sign, easy to give power to those who pay up for an objectively better tank or squad. Also the game brags about 100 player servers but is that including the AI units or 100 actual players because the playtests only had about 12 players per side, this number is obviously padded by the AI per side.

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