Overview of 2017 Bentley Continental GT Speed BLACK EDITION

Lamborghini Uptown Toronto Sales Specialist, Heather Ballentine, gets an overview of a 2017 Bentley Continental GT Speed Black Edition, by her colleague, Steven Pavan – Bentley Sales Specialist. Heather and Steven delivered this amazing vehicle to the client shortly after making this video.

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49 thoughts on “Overview of 2017 Bentley Continental GT Speed BLACK EDITION

  1. When the weather changes and it starts getting cooler, people want a Bentley they can drive all year round, LOL!! Normal people change cars when it starts to make funny noises and breaks down frequently..

  2. Good Afternoon, @Heather Ballentine from Queens, NY USA. I enjoyed the Purchasing a Lamborghini Video very much. I've finished Subbing; And I have a request, Could you do a Video on how to Paddle Shift? Because, from your Intro on your Videos, it appears that you are Paddle Shifting your Lambo.

    I'm asking this request, because, I can't find a how to Video from Mercedes Benz. I own a 2009 E350 4Matic in Silver; And I have yet to Paddle Shift on my car.

    So to conclude, Could you do a Video on How to Paddle Shift your car? Thanks for reading and my name is Radai.

  3. Beautiful !nice design awesome curves,you see the attention to detail!masterful!…can't say much about the car though

  4. am i correct in thinking even as a regular GT is powerful black edition = a lot more power across the models ?

  5. 03:08 my car behind Heather 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Hi Heather I was wondering if you could find a orange or yellow Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster for me, because I am trying to find one and I can't seem to find one in the color I want.

  7. Hey Heather! I am a huge fan of your videos and I've been a supporter since I started watching your videos! You keep me up at night!

    If you were to choose any car what one would it be and what color?

    Keep up the great videos! ❤️️

  8. my dad last year bought a 2004 or 05 bentley i love this color tho !with the red underline !!! hope to buy a huracan one dayyy


  9. MSRP? This one actually looks pretty good but ofc Bentleys back always look disgusting and lack of carbon fiber on a black edition zzzz

  10. Has this new edition been released yet?… And by the way your videos are great, and helped me pick out my new car!! Keep up the great work

  11. that interior is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice… Good look car. Only Bentley I really like we're the coupe's. The Mulsanne is a great vehicle as well. Maybe a I dead for a video?.. another great video Heater. Keep doin ya thing Hun

  12. I love the Volans you and Stephen do together. You do the videos on the really sporty Lamborghinis and he helps with the videos on the super-luxurious bentleys/ rolls royces. Overall great video. Thanks for the upload!

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