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➤ Lot Details:
* 50×50 Lot Located in Sapphire Shores / Sulani
* Couple & Family Suites
* 24 Hours Room Service, Minibar, Bathroom, TV, Balcony, Ultra Fast WiFi, Complimentary Snacks, Fruit Platter, Tea, Coffee and exotic beverages in Suites (Jacuzzi available in Honeymoon Suite)
* SPA (Fitness, Massage, Sauna)
* Restaurant
* Kids Club with Kids’ Pool
* Outdoor Swimming Pool
* Water Park
* Tanning Deck
* Seaplane for Exclusive Sulani Tours
* Night Club (Disco & Karaoke, Bar)
* Beach Volleyball with Sports Bar
* Beach Bar & Breakfast
* Wedding Venue
* Jet Ski
* Lifeguard (On Duty between 10AM – 8PM)
* Back Offices and resting areas exclusive to Staff Only
* Laundry Service
* Car Park

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50 thoughts on “PARADISE RESORT 5* HOTEL, SPA & WATERPARK | The Sims 4: Speed Build

  1. Ican't even begin to explain how amazing this is! EA definitely need to do a hotel spa resort expansion pack!!

  2. Hola, amigo, haces muy buenas casas, crees que me puedas subir archivos de tus casas para que las tengamos? Estaría cool eso, pero bueno sigue subiendo casas de los sims 4

  3. Hi, I never played sims before and I want to ask if when you build do you need money to buy those stuffs? like the walls for example. If yes, do you work for money there?

  4. I watched over 7 videos and WOW I'm blown away …… Are uu an architect by profession and just curious can uu build a threesome story building with with 3 lofts
    Two with 2 bedrooms and Nd the last one with being a bachelor pad with rooftop chill vibe ….. I love these 😍 ❤️ the work btw 👌

  5. Frenchly it's a sublime hotel ! There is nothing to say I like too ❤️ I really like the consepte of your house me who also plays I never had an idea of air a hotel I love it.

  6. I was searching on how to toggle the walls up n down in build mode. How did i get here? This blew my mind away.

    Yes I still can't figure out how to see the wall 😂

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