Picking Up The Pip-Boy – In Every Fallout Game

Picking Up The Pip-Boy For The First Time In Every Fallout Game Since 2008 – 2018 Every Pip-Boy Version From Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 4 And …

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36 thoughts on “Picking Up The Pip-Boy – In Every Fallout Game

  1. If you think about it, aren’t Smart Watches (like the Apple Watch for example) just real life Pip-Boys? They can monitor time, location, messages, even health to an extent.

  2. My 2 out of 3 brothers (1 brother) played this, not my first bro. He died before he could play video games, I died from S.I.D.S

  3. you missed the varied systems of the first and second games… back when they used the 2000 model, produced by robco. the 3000 model was produced by vault tech.

  4. Well you can’t tell the difference form 3 and new Vegas cause it’s the same game but different locations

  5. For the people who are saying he forgot other pip boys

    He is talking about the. Main 3D pipboys fuckin idiots

  6. Hmm, you missed the scene in Fallout NV where doc gives you the pipboy. Can't give you a thumbs up sadly…

  7. The Fallout 76 Pip-Boy looks amazing, it reminds me of the Pip-Boy 2000
    I personally love that electronic buzzing ambiance at 0:46–1:07 and 1:39–2:01 , can you make separate videos out of those timestamps?

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