PREDECESSOR GAMEPLAY | The Next Paragon | First Internal Testing Gameplay

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36 thoughts on “PREDECESSOR GAMEPLAY | The Next Paragon | First Internal Testing Gameplay

  1. It already looks amazing i cant eait for the release. Are the requirements the same as good old paragon?

  2. Someone: What else do you want 2020? Something bad for sure?
    2020: Nah. I need to cheer up the people. 3x Paragon please ☺

  3. WHY TF IS THERE TWO DIFFERENT PARAGON REVIVAL GAMES BEING MADE!? Makes no sense at all like merge together and go full crush mode. That way Paragon can come back and this time do it with a full proper entrance. Having Fault come out then Predecessor will just make everyone look at Paragon like a joke. Ya'll slippin for real for real.

  4. Interesting, Im in the two Discord channels, one from Predecessor and other from Fault – The thing is Fault will have a full alpha for everyone in March and you will be able to buy it on Steam.-
    I understand Predecessor will be free to play, but Fault take a bit of advantage having the buy system for holidays or week access so probably the studio work 24/7 in this game.-

    I hope if in march Fault go public release don't stop Predecessor progress.

  5. All remakes will flop..You can’t remake what Paragon brought to the table…I don’t care how talented these devs are..Had Epic put as much time as they have in Fortnite into Paragon MANNNN! Paragon was a God Damn Masterpiece

  6. My only problem is that these groups are basically „fighting“ who’s gonna be the next paragon and I knew it’s gonna be like this when they gave everything out. These groups need to work together. Paragon would be finished way faster. The paragon community ain’t big enough to get divided in separat games we just need one good game ffs

  7. Well, from someone who played paragon from the first week until end, all I'm gonna say is monolith destroyed paragon. I seen fault, so it's very clear here who is on top. Basically whoever gets first to the console could most likely win this race. Also keep this in mind, the map and the full legacy experience feels amazing just looking at it. Hope the map is not to small, wouldn't like it to go to TDM like "monolith". ✌👍

  8. Wow, this looks amazing and pulled my heart back to the Paragon I came to love on Legacy. I can't wait for Predecessor!!!!!

  9. So all it took was Fault to put out a workable game to get these other devs to drop something tangible? Hilarious. They've been hiding and Fault is just exposing how simple some of the process can be. Might not get Predecessor until 2025. Lmao.😂 At the point, the Paragon hype will be dead. Shit, it's already dying because all of these different devs lied about content and release dates

  10. When it comes out for PS4, 'cause I love Paragon and this..remind me of many beautiful things about Paragon😢😭

  11. omgggg!! this is the first time i See this since PARAGON shut down and before the NEW dawn update bc i quit right then and there after they introduced the card system…i hope this comes back onto PS4 have a battle pass to support it i dont want this game dying this time around!! i miss PARAGON.. this is call predecessor i see.. is it coming to PS4?

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