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Episode 65 – The world would be a better place if these games had never been made. But they were, so we made this episode.

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26 thoughts on “Really Bad Games! – Game Sack

  1. The worst games I can remember playing are Alf – Master System, Garfield – Game Boy, Crash Test Dummies – SNES, Shaq Fu – SNES, Bubsy – SNES.

    I had some right shiters when I had my SNES. It was pre-internet, so it was harder to look at reviews, but I did read magazines. I just used to take stupid risks when I'd saved up and was about to buy a game. My SNES came with Street Fighter II, but when I'd saved up for my 2nd game, which I'd decided would be Mario World, I asked my mum to order it over the phone. She said, "are you sure that's the one you want?" I doubted myself, looked at the ad in the magazine again and chose fucking Bubsy, instead. Idiot.

    It's gambling, really. A game you've never heard of might be total cack, but there is a chance it's the greatest game you could imagine.

  2. Im convinced that waynes world was actually ANOTHER game, that was canceled. They just changed the name slapped their faces on the characters and that was that, THATS WHY IT FUCKIN SUCKED SO BADLY. They could have made a driving game that would have been more fun

    I think the best movie video game adaptation was ghost busters for genesis and AvP by rebellion in 1999 or 2000 something like that.

  3. Pit fighter is good dude, SNES version is HORRIBLE, Shaq fu gained a lot of money for that game dude, doesn´t matter for him if the game is horrible and YES, there is a sequel today.

  4. Back to the future 3 was a great movie. Better than 2 and really inventive how they reinvented the original concept of juxtaposing eras, and showing how the more things change, the more the stay the same.

  5. So, just before Shaqfu came on I got an ad. The ad was with Shaq talking about some tax program, I hit skip and as if it was planned Shaqfu comes on screen! Illuminat iconfirmed

  6. It's curious that you used a clip of a Sonic game to contrast with the TG-16 Darkwing Duck's wait-and-die feature, because Sonic CD has that too: Wait for three minutes straight, and Sonic will say "I'm outta here" and jump off whatever platform he was waiting on, and then it's a Game Over.

  7. If there is one thing I remember from 'Bsck to the Future', it was Marty and his pie flinging..That crazy Marty, always throwing pies n what have you.

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