RED LIGHT! GREEN LIGHT! GAS LIGHT! | Perpetual Change Ep 3

Who’s crazy? Me? Or literally everyone else?

Get the game for free here:

PieceofSoap (the man who made the game):
Personalias (the man who wrote the story):
FerdinandDrescher (the man who made the video):

This video was made with permission from both PieceofSoap and Personalias.

Special thanks to Apple, without whose iMovie software this video could not exist. I must also recognize the contribution of my university, which made that software available to me (however, I’d rather not name my university, and I’m sure my university would rather go unnamed). Finally, I would also like to thank (but not name) my father, mother, sister and girlfriend; obviously none of them helped directly in the making of this video, but without them, I would be nothing.


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