Reset Button: The Biggest Game Ever

A discussion about the largest gameworld ever created. how big it is, and how it was made.

Measurement of World of Warcraft:

Fuel world record:

My column at The Escapist on the same subject:

FUEL Official site:


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25 thoughts on “Reset Button: The Biggest Game Ever

  1. Why does everybody keep trying to hammer into my mind that racing games don't need innovation?!?
    I'm a car enthusiast and I've played racing games for all my life. And I started to despise simulations. I hate driving the same old flat race tracks like Silverstone all the time. I want to explore, I want to be able to leave my car. I want a good story, good/enjoyable writing and acting, depth beyond just the same old fine tuning or top3 finishes. I want racing games to be unpredictable, in good and bad ways. God I hate this industry! Yes, Fuel was a miserable racing game, that wasted a huge empty map on itself, but that doesn't mean that they couldn't have put it to use of some kind of exploration racer, maybe with a rally codriver and no restart option… maybe with a huge intriguing mystery waiting to be solved, I dunno. But stop ripping every piece of creative innovation in racing games apart, thanks.

  2. I remember getting this video in my recommended YEARS ago and here it is back again now that I started watching your content
    Time to finally watch it I guess

  3. I'd love a GTA with a fuel sized map. It will have planes that actually go as fast as their real life counterparts, and even then it will still take ages to cross the map.

  4. I, personally, am getting tired of games being open world for the sake of size. I dont like walking for several minutes to get to the next thing especially if that next thing is the same as the thing I just finished. It just my opinion and open world certainly has its place but I really miss when games focused on how well an area was designed rather than how big the area is

  5. This came out in 2010 yet sounds like it came out in 1999. Like I know the mics back then weren't great but you didn't have to record with a fucking spoon

  6. Watching your newer videos I thought: where have I heard this guy before AND THIS VID IS IT, really enjoyed it when I saw it years ago.

  7. Funny this same company did the exact same thing you mentioned in this video to create flight simulator 2020 incredible you sir are an oracle of some sort lol.

  8. No Man's Sky gets a lot more credit than this game. Looking forward to flying anywhere in the world with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 by Asobo.

  9. I don't care what people say
    I still love FUEL

    I mean its the best game for anyone who likes to venture and explore the nature's wilderness
    and racing is just a bonus, the real juicy part is that FREERIDE option.

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