Rotating Wins Games! – Call of Duty Battle Royale

Rotating in Call of Duty Warzone is one of the best tactics to use if you want to get those WARZONE WINS! Live Schedule = Mon-Fri 12PM PST …


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26 thoughts on “Rotating Wins Games! – Call of Duty Battle Royale

  1. It isnt the aim assist it is the use of programs that give you macros on the controller that gives the console noobs the advantage and sad thing is that they are not considered cheating outside of competitive matches.

  2. It annoys me more that it should that stone, aculite, fuggy and tom don't understand the difference between yellow and orange lol. The ping is orange… it reflects the colour of the name in bottom left… smh my head my head…

  3. As a controller player.. I have never been good with the revolver and all my friends hate that piece of shit. Just admit you get outplayed.. you pay 2k in computer parts to complain about a $60 controller.

  4. Keyboard and mousers' complaining about controller players having and advantage….lmao….lame dumbassess

  5. Thermals don’t work when you are looking through an unbroken window. It will appear black. Food for thought.

  6. Tht ending tho INTENSE. Love it stoneeeee. 🔥🔥 also wishing they update a 4man squad so you can play with aculite tom and fugg. THAT WOULD BE EPICCC

  7. My bros and I have been using the CHONK and Heli to absolutely terrorize people lol thanks for the ideas!

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