Shantae: The hungry hero

Used softvare: Blender 2.8, Sony Vegas I really triggered so much from new versions of Blender! I finded so great addons like Wiggle bones but it DO NOT work …


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23 thoughts on “Shantae: The hungry hero

  1. God, I love it! Your animation has improved since the early days of Seed Of Doom and the like. Every mouth in your videos…they all look less like something to fear and more like I'd wanna live there. I would've loved it if you had Shantae swallow the second girl with her mouth open and then swallow the camera to follow her down, like…uh… im forgetting the name, the one with the alien that ate the two girls?

  2. This is hands down your best video ever, hell this is probably the best vore video I've ever seen, and I'm comparing this to people like spruce and cakeinferno (which if you dont know are probably leaders in the vore community)

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