SuperMega – Game Dude

He is a noob and a smart dude. I usually don’t use all the transitions that are listed but I still want to credit them.


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39 thoughts on “SuperMega – Game Dude

  1. Chris O’Neill has the Nostalgia Critic and Linkara, Zach has the Irate Gamer, meanwhile Matt and Ryan has the Game Dude.

  2. "he left the internet for a while"
    He had to flee the country because he was stalking his girlfriend and dodging his court dates

  3. I'd like a Doug Walker compilation. I'm not sure if there's enough but they've joked about him a few times.

  4. The gamedude twitter account liked the tweet from bernie sanders that said donald trump is an idiot after not tweeting anything or liking anything for the last 9 years

  5. The game dude left Canada to flee from the cops because he totally wasn’t stalking his ex girlfriend while wearing a tugger this not a joke that’s why he stopped making videos he also made a 2 hour long video playing with plastic dinosaurs in his back yard well at least he lives up to his bad attitude.

  6. it angers me because the boys do not know how insane the game dude's story is
    he had this girlfriend and she broke up with him and cheated on him or something, i forget, but he stalked her for a while and got arrested and had to flee the country. he would then go around filming wildlife and posting that on his channel and like filming himself screaming at cops. watch mister metokur's video on it it's actually insane, as funny as he is for his original videos and how stupid theyh are, the tale that comes after is fucking crazy

    edit: oh and he made a video telling the tale of his breakup, and to tell this tale he used dinosaur toys and made them talk and shit
    not joking

  7. How about Iron Giant compilation?

    Love the work you put into these btw, it's freakin insane and good to listen to while I work. Wuv ya stuff dude

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