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Two Saiyans are playing Tekken 7, but it’s not the same Saiyans that you might be expecting! Lend us your energy! Subscribe! ➤ Join …

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41 thoughts on “TEKKEN 7 | Two Saiyans Play – TFS Gaming

  1. I wonder if I'd remember my own personality anymore after voice acting Vegeta for so long. What a life :))

  2. Jeez, I could sense Vegeta's spirit breaking bat that last moment… I feel bad for him…. Now I want him to beat Goku.

  3. Tekken 7 succeeded in slightly humanizing Heihachi

    Kakarot and Vegeta made this game 100× more epic

  4. Dear Kami. If it wasn't funny enough that Vegeta is losing in a video game, Goku is being such a douchebag to Vegeta by roasting him so badly! XDDD

  5. Vegeta: I don't need to defend myself to you!
    Goku: Yeah. You don't defend. Thats why I'm able to punch you all the ti-
    Vegeta: YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!

    I fucking love Goku like this. He is even more bs than he ever was in the series. He's got that Ash Ketchum roasting skill, but that's gotta be on some other level.

  6. The funny thing is that Masako X (voice of Goku) is known in the cast for beating everyone in the cast in video games

  7. Goku is a prince

    Chichi's dad is a king which makes Chichi a princess, and chichi is married to goku, which makes him a prince
    That's my theory

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