The Final Knife Game Song (Deleted Rusty Cage Video)

This Video Is Also On Rusty’s BitChute (With Some Dialogue At The End):

This Was Deleted By Rusty After It Was Striked By YouTube.

22/02/2020 – 10,000 Views! Thank You All!
39/06/2020 – Ok, 100,000 Views! You Are All Amazing People! Have A Good Day


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24 thoughts on “The Final Knife Game Song (Deleted Rusty Cage Video)

  1. This is a good thing you got going on. I personally don't have any downloaded deleted videos but incase anybody has one, you might want to add the instructions on how to send you a deleted video in the description. You, sir/madam, just got yourself a sub.

    Also, maybe delete the old version (unimportant)

  2. Hi honey sorry I’m gonna was your birthday cake and cake cake I love you coming to the Christmas gift and Christmas party tomorrow night you don’t worry I just clicked Radom ok

  3. If i do that i die or heart faster so much and insane bc that for kids or wut idk but nvm i just read i think i use pen, pencil and hand but if knife chara said kill my family so if im insane

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