The Knife game (Animatic)(Creepypasta)(Sponsored by Amino)

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WeLL woUld yOu lOok aT dAt xdd

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49 thoughts on “The Knife game (Animatic)(Creepypasta)(Sponsored by Amino)

  1. Download Amino and search to join CreepyPasta Amino:
    Follow me: "ijustwannahavefunn"


  2. grabs pencil sharpener
    Me: so sensce I stabbed my cousin with a pencil lemme see how it feels
    Also me: shits now I'm bleeding but it didn't hurt

  3. Trust me yall
    When I was grade three I started doing this with a damn long Scissors
    And after that when I showed it to my classmate (Played it ramdomly in my classroom)
    So one of my best friend starts trying it to she then dare me to use a scissors since I had been practicing this game A lot I'm quite fine with it so then I showed her I was fast but then she told me she could not do it, it was too scary.

    I was In grade 4 that time I felt Savage

    But now I'm in grade 6 I'm still doing it doe

  4. Sooo…
    I was brushing my teeth when I remembered this song so when I finished brushing my teeth I used my tooth brush to play it

  5. Nobody:
    Me: Jeff… number one, you need help. Number two… YOU HAVE FUCKING AWESOME COORDINATION

  6. Lol I played this game with and actual knife uwu and my friends say if I was a creepypasta I would be Jeff I do like knifes uwu

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