The Knife Game Song Full Event (Compilation)

The complete 3 Part compilation of the newest knife game songs. DOWNLOAD THE KNIFE GAME ALBUM: SUPPORT THE INSANITY!


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40 thoughts on “The Knife Game Song Full Event (Compilation)

  1. My dad has that knife! I call it the bone cutter cause its sharp enough to go through your bone or at least it will try to, my uncle did the knife game with that knife, he got really fast at it…then… hit is ring finger, the knife went in half way…yeah he stop doing that with sharp knives 😀

  2. I watched this because it was a dare and by the end of the video my hand hurt like heck (Love you videos)

  3. I'm tempted to try it my heart says yes my anxiety says no
    Anxiety: I'm stronger
    And I then went on to try Russian roulette

  4. There are 3 kind of people:
    1. OMG that's very dangerous
    2. OMG you're a very good singer
    3. It's EZ, let me try…

    … (and dies)

  5. I watched when I was 8 qnd enjoyed it so much qnd its been years since ive watched him and now im 12

  6. me got a scratch from my nail
    rusty cage got a blood on his hand
    Also rusty cage: yo check out that blood

  7. jesus ur amazing at this i cut my finger to the bone today acctualy first time i lost at the game. on the other note have you ever tried playing with an ak bayonet? it's even more fun

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