The TurboGrafx-16 Mini – REVIEW – Game Sack

279 – You’ve seen all of the other 548 reviews of the TurbobGrafx-16 Mini on Youtube, now it’s time to watch mine! Is this mini system worth it?

“Turbob” is not a typo.

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27 thoughts on “The TurboGrafx-16 Mini – REVIEW – Game Sack

  1. The audio lag is due to the linux kernal, and there is no way around it. The buffers are hard coded, and it would be difficult to make a fork of linux that handled audio differently. One of the few things the ios and macos kernals do well is handle audio on a 64ms timer interrupt (might be a little off on the number there). It eats in to CPU and bus performance a bit, but ensures low audio latency. This is why you can have proper real-time DJ software on those platforms without needing an external peripheral, like you do on android/linux. The input lag is also related to this issue. Buffers… A good approach to making a mainframe OS, not so good when that same kernal design mentality is used in an interactive device.

  2. The sound delay is worrying, but I’ve been playing the Genesis mini for months now, and I haven’t noticed anything so hopefully it’s not an issue for me.

  3. They missed so many great games! Gate of thunder,exile 1 and 2, dragon slayer cosmic fantasy, legendary axe ,loom,beyond shadowgate,and fucking final lap twin,how do you not put that one in when you have namco

  4. Like the beard, you awesome asshole, ya😂. Thanks for the bad ass content bro-siv… GAMESACK TIS DA SHIT!!!

  5. 720p output is pretty great if you have a 4K screen because you can scale it nicely by 3x on each axis. If you only have a 1080p screen, 720p is not so great because you need to scale 1.5x so it becomes blurry. In that case you should either get a 4K screen or find an old 720p native screen.

  6. you actually CAN hold SELECT on the CD games that use the 3.0 software version to boot them using the 2.1 version and you will in most cases get an error, but in the case of Rondo of Blood a weird mini game lol.

  7. the reason why it's not so mini is because they wanted to re-use the same PCB as in the PC engine mini. So they had to make the depth big enough to fit the PCB, but then of course you need to keep the aspect ratio of the original TG16, so the length becomes really big. So yeah, the TG16 mini is really just an afterthought.

  8. my only issue is the entire tg16 hue card library is like 90mb if that it should have more games but growing up it was my main system so i really enjoy my turbo mini. nice vid.

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