THIS HAS POTENTIAL || Enlisted (Alpha) Gameplay

I had a chance to check out Enlisted back on May 9th for one of the Alpha testing sessions, so here is a video highlighting the best moments from a few hours of gameplay. From what I have played so far, this game have a lot of potential. The progression and customization of your various soldiers is done very well already, and once a few more maps are added in, I think this game will easily be better than Heroes and Generals…

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Enlisted – is an MMO squad based shooter which is built around some of the most important and famous episodes from World War 2.


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33 thoughts on “THIS HAS POTENTIAL || Enlisted (Alpha) Gameplay

  1. This obliterates Post scriptum, the action is nonstop, intense and amazing. Yes it's very easy to die, but then again it was easy to die in the Battle of Berlin.
    Post scriptum has way too much downtime, and almost no battles of this ferocity. And the sounds in this game are terrifying which is a good thing because it's capturing the realism so well.

  2. 11:36 fun fact he did not kill either of those tanks. His panzerShrek did not fully penetrate and kill both those t-34 85s

  3. Damn, this versus, BFV, would play this anyday xD. Plus, it has a high probability to be a free-to-play game! Just hoping for no Pay2Win aspect of microtransactions, it should only be set for cosmetics only, or similar to war thunder, exclusive vehicles(balanced of course) and maybe even weapons(balanced of course).

  4. I am only concerned on how they would make servers with 120-150 players or AI in one Huge map. Well, we'll just see later in the future, I guess.

  5. is Volkssturmgewehr full auto or you click very fast?
    if it's semi auto i give points for authenticity

  6. Any cool ww2 game wont be on ps4
    Cod ww2 isnt bad but I want a realistic military shooter experience for ps4

  7. wait do we wanna talk about that zoom during ADS??? isn't it … too much?
    the game looks good though! i would only wish they had level destruction.

  8. It's awesome how more and more hardcore shooters are coming out. I guess more and more people are getting sick and tired of having to shoot someone 4 or 5 times just to kill them.

  9. I'm getting a little upset watching this because battlefield 5 was supposed to be like this. If only i could get a refund for that mess dice sold us.

  10. I really wish games set in ww2 would stop censoring the Nazi flag. The only people who are gonna get offended by it are people who will never play this game.

  11. Looks decent but needs big work on the gun play needs to be satisfying like kills on rising storm lol I could get into this if they changed that up

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