TRIMMING Aquarium PLANT RUNNERS the right way ✂️🍃

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1. Update after 10 weeks of DSM
2. Update 4 weeks after filling with water

In this weeks PRO TIP I share a little advice with you, how to remove aquarium plant runners the right way:
Avoid simply pulling the plants out – this can disturb your substrate, whirl up a lot of dirt, uproot other plants and worst case cause algae if you have a dirted tank or a nutrition layer at the bottom covered with inert gravel. You can try gently to pull out, but if you see the plants roots come out with Substrate, STOP, and simply cut the roots. You can pull out individual roots afterwards – which will cause less dirt and damage to your substrate layers or simply let them decompose and become food for other plants.

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✂️ ADA trimming scissors short curve type

🌱 Helanthium tenellum ‘Green’
🌱 Helanthium ‘Quadricostatus’

🌱 Tropica 1-2-Grow! Helanthium tenellum ‘Green’
🌱 Tropica 1-2-Grow! Helanthium ‘Quadricostatus’


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24 thoughts on “TRIMMING Aquarium PLANT RUNNERS the right way ✂️🍃

  1. Hey jur ive a question. one of my bucephalandra is melting. I increased the light but not the CO2 two days ago. Im a newbie and when plants melt pff dont know what to do.Do u know whats going on? Nice video! Cheers gijs

  2. Hello Jurijs, Could you please give me the name of the plant that you showed at 1:52 I think. I am not sure of the spelling of it and would like to know so I can look up more information about it. Tanks hahaha!!! Really though thank you!! Love the videos!!!! Great inspirations!!!

  3. Nice tip 😍 i had problem with my dwarf sag and i need to remove some of them.. Thanks for the tip (y)

  4. Would appreciate a similar short video on trimming cryptocoryne. As they get crowded and a little too tall, how would you trim

  5. Jurijs, one thing that would be really useful to us beginners would be some comparison shots of plants–especially the ones that you recommend for beginners–when they are in good condition and when they are struggling. When you don't have experience with a plant, it can be hard to know whether you have a problem and how long you should wait for its growth to become vigorous.

  6. We're you reading my mind?…lol… I literally had my hand in my tank, working on my plants,and wondering if I was doing it correctly 😂😂👍🌿🌱🐠🐟🙏✌️Thank you❤️

  7. Hello Jurijs, I would be very happy to activate the Spanish subtitles in your videos!
    congratulations on your work

  8. Hi Jurijs, seh ich da eine sehr kleine Seerose im Becken? Kannst du mir verraten welche das ist und woher du die hast?
    Grüße Tutti

  9. Thanks a lot for this tip Jurijs! I am currently selecting plants for my new aquarium and I ruled out crypts and plants with runners due to this problem. Now I know how to avoid it so I can still use them. Sweet!

  10. Hii how do you propagate anubias? I mean i planted them already but i want to cut them and put it elsewhere

  11. Your Danio margaritatus are just as nosy as mine when I'm working in the tank with my tools, they always gather around… 😀

  12. Good work and tip friend . 🌹♥️
    Thanks you for this nice video. ✅

    If you have time plz see my new diy video

    Mahmoud edrees

  13. Hello Jurijs! Thank you for the tips. I notice that your little Danios that used to be so shy seem to like you a lot now!! Cute little ones. Have a great day!!!

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