Tyler1 Plays Welcome To The Game [VOD: April 16, 2017]

I started a league highlight channel for fun and would appreciate if any of you who enjoy league could check it out and show support by sub, like, share and all that good shit 🙂 this will not change the vod channel it will always come 1st

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if you want to ever play CS:GO or League (rare) then add me on both
hearthstone (EU) – eliszotaj2 #2840
NO CHAT! This is a RAW VOD channel! Not a highlight channel!
Like a ‘normal’ YT channel you don’t need chat to enjoy a video. I like to upload fast and i don’t want to render a video for a full day just to add chat… if you want to have chat just watch his vods on Twitch, this is for those who dont want chat or cant use twitch, this is a plan B if they want to watch the vods

I upload this cause some people cannot watch VODs on Twitch in good quality at nice frames… and on YT they can. Also VODs get removed on Twitch after a month. I will add chat when a easier method than recording the whole stream again, until then i will be uploading the videos without chat

if you want to help with the channel you can send me highlights/oddshots from recent stream that you want used for videos at eliszotaj2@gmail.com.

also if you want to make thumbnails or channel trailer with best tyler1 highlight message @ eliszotaj2@gmail.com or comment.

Nguồn: https://lessismoresuccess.com/

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