Understanding your Hunter Wheel Alignment Printout

When having a Hunter 4 wheel alignment, all four wheels your vehicle will be measured simultaneously. Hunter measures all 14 primary alignment angles and compares them against the motor manufacturers specifications for your vehicle’s make and model.

Once the measurements are complete the Hunter will produce an easy to understand ‘Before’ alignment adjustment printout. So what does it all mean?

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14 thoughts on “Understanding your Hunter Wheel Alignment Printout

  1. What is that HORRIBLE noise?? It sounded like they were trying to drill metal inside my brain! I had to stop watching.

  2. Is there a need to reset the electronic stability control after wheel alignment of 2012 model onwards even if no stability control light showing indash?

  3. My tire guy said he aligned my car on hunter machine. It took 6 min. Is this possible? He said it was off and he adjusted it. Sounds like Bs

  4. Why do you have these razor blades on a chalkboard sound throughout your video? It went from great to horrible…

  5. Ensure you always keep your vehicle within line of sight and ensure the tech sees you looking. Some techs have no moral compass what-so-ever and will adjust the alignment tools without making changes to the vehicle (moving laser readers on wheels) or tapping on suspension to force positive readings. I know so I have witnessed it personally during my career

  6. Good video but with only one issue. 2:08 you are saying Caster can cause handling issues and tire wear. That is incorrect. Caster is a non tire wearing angle, but will greatly effect vehicle handling. Camber and Toe on the other hand would cause tire wear.

  7. Good video. One thing that I can't seem to find anywhere is the the exact degrees or minutes that makes a car out of tolerance. For example, since 0° tow is ideal then how many degrees +/- is still acceptably passing? +/- 0.2°? +/- 0.5°? +/- 2.0°? where about does the industry draw the line?

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