Fanmade Underpants game! With commentary / reactions.

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Underpants is an Undertale fangame made by MadCreativity. It’s based on the Underpants series by Sr Pelo and lets you explore The Ruins yourself!

All footage and music used belong to their respective owners.
Allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

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47 thoughts on “UNDERTALE UNDERPANTS Fangame

  1. In snowdin when papyrus introduced himself he will say
    I, the great WALLUIG-
    I, the great papyrus will stop you..

  2. I was trying to Google you but they keep saying what I'm not saying your name your name ismerg🤬🖕 but they won't even say it

  3. Normal: Merg
    Underfell: Mergh
    Underpants: Merf
    Here are unofficial names for:
    Underswap: Grem
    Storyshift: Swappy (bc the true name is Shifty)
    Dust AU's: Screwed (As in you're screwed against any and all Judgement battles.)
    Horrortale: Marg
    Deltarune: Kris (You thought I'd say Merg, your choices don't matter in Deltarune)

  4. I love how toriel says, "stay here" then says directly after, "see you at my house" I know that was intentional but he didnt acknowledge it

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