Walking Tall Official Trailer #1 – Dwayne Johnson Movie HD

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Walking Tall Official Trailer #1 – Dwayne Johnson Movie HD

Walking Tall Trailer – A former U.S. soldier (Dwayne Johnson) returns to his hometown and finds it overrun with corruption and crime. He runs for Sheriff, hires his best friend (Johnny Knoxville) as his deputy, and attempts to clean up the town.

MGM – 2004

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24 thoughts on “Walking Tall Official Trailer #1 – Dwayne Johnson Movie HD

  1. The protagonist of this movie Chris Vaughn was upset that the mill he was planning on getting a job at got shut down.
    .. It's 2020.. The rest of the Mills across the United States got shut down, right? Or some of them left?

  2. Breathtaking video, I enjoy it so much .. Of The Highest Quality part is 0:56. I uploaded first video, Please check it out and say your opinion 🧡 🧡 💘

  3. ahhh i remember watchiung this movie when i was like 13… one of the very few ones i had on dvd lol must have seen it like 20 times… ahhh those were some good times

  4. I used to watch this movie when I was younger all the time. And the actor Neal guy plays the bad guy in a lot of movies and shows I watch and I had always wondered where my hatred for him came from. I guess this is that movie

  5. Walking Tall movie is good. I like Dwayne Johnson, Ashley Scott, Kristen Wilson, Neal McDonough and Johnny Knoxville. Ashley and Kristen are hot.

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