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WALTER M. BRASCH, Ph.D., is an award-winning former newspaper reporter and editor in California, Iowa, Indiana, and Ohio, former multi-media writer-producer, and magazine editor. He is the author of a weekly syndicated newspaper column, Wanderings. Dr. Brasch is also an emeritus professor of mass communications and journalism.

He is a social activist, dating from the mid-1960s, when he was active in anti-war and civil rights movements. He continues working in those areas, and has developed expertise in free expression and freedom of information issues. He is also active in animal rights, the environment, and is co-founder and executive vice-president of the Northeast Pennsylvania Homeless Alliance, and vice-president of the Central Susquehanna chapter of the ACLU.

It’s Foreign to Me: With Hotshot ( This week in the ‘it’s foreign to me’ segment our roving radical, Johnny, takes a shot at the political tactic of Extreme Baiting. This tactic originated with the far lefty pinkos but is now a standard practice among right wingnut’s. Don’t you hate when your enemy steals your tactics? We now have this coming to the threat of treason among gun rights activists and once again it seems as if we are on the brink of the end of the world. The NRA has drummed up the paranoid psychotic tendencies of the rowdy crowd even though they are getting what they called for in President Cool’s proposal. We’ll try to make sense of some of this nonsense.

Also, just for kicks, he’ll take some pot shots at the separation of church and state issues which 0bamaCare has raised among the religious. Really? Yes, really. The very people who should be supporting universal health care are somehow diametrically opposed to helping people get a fair shake on health care, an industry rife with corruption, mismanagement and deregulation nightmares.

Tune in. It’ll be fun, or informative or at the very least, frustrating.

PICTURE THIS: chatting up corners of the world ( Armand Thomas and Will Roberts Will talk about Land of Milk and Honey, Southern California is paradise… if you can afford it.

Coastal towns like Laguna Beach, San Clemente and Manhattan Beach are laid back and picturesque – beauty and splendor beyond belief.

I spent half my visit in awe, the other half in envy.

Seemingly too good to be true, it often is for many Americans — who scramble to stay afloat or move to nearby grittier areas (think: Long Beach) that contrast sharply with the neighboring Shangri-La’s.

SoCal covers the spectrum of living standards – a veritable cauldron of American standards.

I Know A Conservative : Tim Devaney is a national reporter at The Washington Times based in D.C., where he covers business and the economy. In his spare time, he also jokes about the news coming out of Capitol Hill.  We will talk about:

-Lance Armstrong

-Apple’s stock just slipped below $500 for the first time in a while. Remember it was as high as $600 earlier this year, it beat Microsoft’s all-time high for a stock price, and some predicted it would climb to $1,000 within a few years.

-Some company just bought several of the Hostess brands, but not Twinkies or Ho-Ho’s.

-Presidential Inauguration + Barack Obama impersonators.


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