Watch A Fox Reporter Demolish A Hackneyed Anti-Game Argument

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an old man went on television and complained about video games. Then someone proved him horribly wrong.

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50 thoughts on “Watch A Fox Reporter Demolish A Hackneyed Anti-Game Argument

  1. I played duck hunt guys

    Might as well call the worlds whole military on me now before i destroy the universe.

  2. 0:24 his son Jesus Christ was nailed to a tree.
    Idiot he was nailed to a cross not a tree if he’s gonna use the Bible he has to at least be accurate
    Also why would would it be safer to give a child a physical hand gun rather than give him a game that the consequence is in the game idiot

  3. National Rifle Association: The video game industry is a corrupt industry!
    Me: Says the National Rifle Association

  4. There is evidence to defend video games! You just want to only look at the 'evidence' you want! Just like how an anti vaxer is!

  5. I'm Baptist, and nothing that old fart said made sense. He went straight to talking about God hating violence and Jesus dying for our sins, and expected everyone listening to understand.

  6. it's 2020, and now these guys can't really blame video games for violence anymore because china plays so much video games ans since when did they have a mass shooting? Don't blame the gamers, blame the the people who are just too stupid to realize their's a lot more worse things to worry about like as of this post comment, the Coronavirus.

  7. But also he says that the character he liked as a kid, and said the character would only pull out his gun for the sake of good! But then says video games now aren’t showing people using guns for good reasons! But ummmmm, every FPS game from cod to battlefield and any other FPS game, the characters are using guns in wars that actually happened, or wars that haven’t happened and aren’t applicable!!! So his point is entirely invalid in 80% of cases! Like if that was said about something like COD ww2
    Video game critic: Call of duty world war 2 is a violent, gruesome game and should be banned!
    Human that has a slight semblance of knowledge: The game was based on the actual war, the developers took weapons, locations, battles, vehicles, countries, and a slue of others from World War II, to make their game!
    Video game critic: 😒

  8. when he said "first of all john, god …. at this moment I just stopped watching the video, bc no matter what he said next, I know its not going to be a logical discussion.

  9. “Jesus was nailed to a tree”

    This guy doesn’t even do Christianity right! Jesus was nailed to a cross! Not a darn tree!

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