Who Are Marvel's Celestials?

Today on Variant, we’re taking a look at some of Marvel’s most mysterious and powerful beings, The Celestials! Recommended Episodes: Origin of The Eternals …

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41 thoughts on “Who Are Marvel's Celestials?

  1. The Celestials were created by the first universe to ever exist, The First Firmament. The First Firmament created the Celestials as well as the Aspirants in order to keep him company. However, the Celestials rebelled against the First Firmament and after winning a war with the Aspirants, chased the First Firmament and his followers to farthest edges of being, the First Firmament being shattered into pieces. These pieces formed the Second Cosmos and the multiverse, in which the Celestials now reside in.

  2. So Vulcrum made the Celestials before Galactus and Living Tribunal ? It takes several Celestials to fight Galactus ?

  3. In the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie didn't we see a Celestial using an infinity stone to destroy a world?

  4. They are going to screw them up and have them look like something out of battlestar galactica. I just pray that PC stays out of their creation.

  5. I like the designs of the Celestials in GotG more than The Eternals. They looks skinny and unpleasing to look at especially comparing to their design in the comics.

  6. Celestial are an in world metaphor for the comic book creators. So go back and re-read with that in mind.

  7. So one before all > fulkram > The ferma. …whatever he's called > celestial > everything else.

    Where do the infinity gems fit in ?.
    Could someone shed some light on that please.

  8. I like how marvel uses bible phrases like fermament to draw people away from where the world originated. Bitch is gonna burn anyway

  9. Or maybe they are the descendants of death eternity infinity eons
    Four cosmic entities responsible for the creation of 6 infinity stones

  10. You forgot to mention they created life and the X gene to evolve into powerful weapons to protect planets that have a Celestial Seed or embryo of a Celestial inside the planet and Galactus eats planets of that type to keep their population in check. Can't be missing Alex Ross stories…

  11. I don't think it's fair to call them gods cause there are gods in the marvel universe and they are considerably weak let's just call them cosmic forces.

  12. Marvel Comics: Celestials are omnipotent gods that basically created everything we know.

    Lego Marvel Superheroes 2: But…you can totally beat one by pulling a lever on its shoulder to open its chest, and then toss a gravity grenade in.

  13. Aaron, you said that the Celestials are responsible for mankind’s potential to have superpowers. Are you saying that not only are they responsible for the creation of the X-Men and other mutants, but also Spider-Man, The Hulk, Daredevil, and even the Fantastic Four, all non-mutant superhuman individuals?!!!

  14. Hi ! This is the first time I'm doing this. Here we go. There is an Asgardian that Odin had to banish to a pocket dimension by the name Millennium in which Thor and the Surfer had fought to keep him there. Can you please tell more of this character.

  15. These guys make the skyfathers a joke.

    They threatened the skyfathers to cut off their interdimemensional realms

  16. I think the molecule man is more powerful than the celestials if his mind wasn't so fragile. He held his own against the beyonder. The beyonder easily defeated the celestials!

  17. fun fact: knull had severed a celestials head to where it became knowhere. where thors axe was forged

  18. I think we should have an open world game in which we can explore everything in the marvel universe (comics) ,that would be sick!

    P.S I know it sounds insane but it would be cool nonetheless

  19. What about the elders of the universe. The ones who were they immediately after the big bang

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